Monday, July 19, 2010

Just some facts

So since we’ve been doing a lot of the same things, maybe I’ll take it a little easy this time and just talk about some fun things that we’ve been seeing and experiencing together. We’re getting to appreciate some of the finer points of the culture while we’re here and soaking in African life as much as possible.

People wake up so early in the morning and go to bed so late at night here. When we stay in the villages, we get to stay with our wonderful Ugandan friends. The morning usually starts with a prayer spoken out-loud around 6:30. Leviticus likes to thank God for another day and covers it with the blood of Jesus before starting it off. Then they sing or hum away while they’re laying in their bed, until they’ve made sure they have a few others humming along. When others are awake, conversation ensues, whether there are other people are awake or not. If that’s not enough to shake you out of your sleep, the roosters start crowing, and sometimes they play large drums or crank up the radio around 7. So in short, sleep isn’t really as valued as it is at home.

Public indecency doesn’t really seem to be an issue either. I’ve lost count of how many naked babies and children I’ve seen, and sometimes people just walk around public areas in towels. Women breast feed anywhere and everywhere. When I asked my friend about this she said, oh it’s just natural. Nobody really pays attention.

Little creatures also grace our presence on a fairly regular basis. Cockroaches crowd the bathrooms, and Kari and I often visit the latrine together and put one on cockroach-scaring duty. Yes, I could use the bathroom pretty much anywhere at this point. Lizards chirp above our heads at night and jump out beneath your feet when you walk through the yard. Then we have our furry little (and not-so-little) friends. Last time I was in a hut for the night, a little one ran across my shoulder during the night. Good thing is was through the mosquito net! We’ve had a furry friend living above our heads at the Cassel’s home since we’ve been here. He made a great appearance on the top of Kevin’s door last night, then ran to the bathroom, which sent me and Kari screaming to the nearest chair we could stand on.

Life is hard here. Cooking one meal can take over 2 hours, and washing laundry is a full day. Kari and I run away when they grab the knife to sacrifice the chicken, but it’s just part of a long process that could take hours. I hope that I don’t ever take for granted the leisure and ease of my life. Some may say that life is more simple here, but it takes way more determination and strength to make it through a single day than we could ever understand at home.

Just a few things we’re seeing here. 2 more weeks! Going to make the most of it, Lord willing.

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